Maca For Health

Discover The Benefits of Maca Root

Can Maca Help Infertile Men?

The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” If you will consider the many powerful nutrients contained in maca, and the many testimonies of those who have successfully used it, not mentioning the scientific studies done on this plant, you would definitely agree.

Scores of men have been using this powerful herb specifically to improve their sexual functions and their fertility. And their experiences are collaborated by the research done on the positive effects of maca’s nutrients in our body’s reproductive system.

There were studies done on the effects of maca on the fertility of humans in the middle of the 1900s. Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici, a Peruvian Biologist has studied the positive effects of maca on fertility and published her results in 1961. In the past, maca was used for food and medicine. Maca is actually a root plant that comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru and Bolivia. The ancient Peruvians or the Incas used this plant for food and as a sexual and fertility enhancer. It has come down to us through the early Spanish Conquistadores. With our modern research and studies, our present scientists have confirmed that maca is really a very powerful herb because it contains huge amounts of potent nutrients.

What Is Inside Maca?
Many herbalists consider maca as a “super food”. This root plant contains considerable amounts of glucosinolates that transforms into isothiocyanates. They are thought to be the ones responsible for the increase of fertility in humans. It also contains elements that can boost the sex drive such as sterols, prostaglandins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Maca also encourages the activity of some hormone receptors that can improve sexual functions in men.

Maca’s Adaptogenic Action
Another reason why maca can enhance men’s fertility is through its role as an adaptogen. When a man starts taking maca, his system will start to correct his hormonal imbalance. Once hormonal balance is achieved, he will experience improvement in his health. When there is over-all health improvement, his sexual functions will also improve so will his ability to fertilize a woman’s egg. This is due to maca’s action as an adaptogen. It really does not produce hormones, but it induces the body to produce the precise hormones that it lacks, and only at the right amounts.

What Happens When Infertile Men Take Maca For Fertility
Statistics show that about 40% of infertility cases are related to men. With the introduction of maca in your system, you will not be part of this statistic. Once you take maca on a daily basis and at fertility dosages, the following results should be expected.

• You will experience a general improvement in your health. This is due to the balancing of your hormones which is very important in the functioning of your adrenal glands, thyroid, pancreas, prostate, etc.
• As your health improves, you will have more strength and stamina in doing physical work. This means you will have more lasting power in bed.
• Maca contains substances that will help increase the blood flow in your system. That means there will be sufficient blood supply going to your penis which will prevent you from having sexual dysfunctions.
• In connection with this, maca also helps your prostate glands which results in the increase of blood flow to your penis, and also increasing the ability of your penis to ejaculate thereby increasing your fertility rate.
• The iodine content of maca will improve the function of your thyroid glands, which produces the hormones that you need therefore you will attain hormonal balance.
• Taking maca will ensure that your testosterone levels will be at its optimum for fertilization. Testosterone deficiency is one of the reasons for infertility in men.
• Moreover, studies and experiments also show that taking maca will increase your sperm production. An increase in sperm count means an increase in your fertility chances.
• Additionally, the taking of maca will also increase the vibrancy or motility of your sperm. That means they will be more aggressive in their desire to fertilize a woman’s egg.
• Lastly, your immunity to diseases will be strengthened. With all the potent substances contained in maca, you can expect a strengthening of your immunity system.

How Much Do You Need To Take?
Maca is now available to us in capsules, pills, gelatinized and in powder form. The recommended dosage for fertility is 4,000 o 5,000 milligrams per day. If you consider a maca tablet that contains 800 mg. that will be a total of half a dozen tablets per day. The normal maca dosage for general health maintenance is about 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams per day.


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