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Maca is a root plant belonging to the radish family that is indigenous to the Andes Mountains in South America, particularly in Bolivia and Peru. For hundreds of years, the native Incas used this plant for its ability to improve their sexual function and fertility.

In addition, the Inca warriors ate maca to increase their energy and stamina before going into battle. The Spaniards learned of this product during the Spanish conquest and introduced it to the rest of the world. This product is now widely hailed among alternative medical practitioners as an effective sexual enhancer.

Modern science has found many substances in this plant that can be very beneficial to man. It was found that this plant has an adaptogenic ability, which if used regularly can bring the body to a heightened state where it could resist disease through emotional and physiological health. Those practicing alternative medicine believe that this adaptogenic ability is the main value of maca to modern man.

Being an adaptogen, maca can enhance the body’s natural resistance to emotional and physical stress. It can induce the body to produce a hormonal balance through its adrenal and pituitary glands. Many medical experts believe it is more effective than hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, in inducing hormonal balance for women who are experiencing PMS symptoms. And unlike HRT, maca does not leave any adverse side effects.

Chemical Substances That Make Maca Powerful
The chemical components of maca are the reasons why it is very powerful. This root plant contains sterols, glucosinates, macamides, malic acid and uridine acid. Sterols are believed to help in controlling cholesterol levels. Glucosinolates can enhance the body’s defense mechanism against diseases and can also prevent cancer. Macamides help in improving sexual function and prostate function. Malic acid has a very important role in energy production at the cellular level. Uridine is important for the synthesis of DNA, RNA and membrane constituents and glycosylation.

There are also essential oils in maca. These are phenyl acetonitrile, and benzaldehyde. Phenyl acetonitirile acts as a phenol and benzaldehyde is important in the synthesis of other organic compounds. Other substances contained in maca are alkaloids, tannins, steroids, cartiotonic glycosides and steroids.

Maca’s Nutritional Value
Maca can truly increase your energy and stamina because of its excellent nutritional value. There are plenty of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in this product. All these nutrients work in synergy with each other so that their assimilation and utilization will be easy and complete. Here is a list of these nutrients and their approximate amounts in maca:

• Carbohydrates – 60-75%
• Protein – 10–14%, mainly in the form of polypeptides and amino acids
• Fiber – 8.5%
• Lipids – 2.2%
• Minerals – about 250 mg of calcium, 2 mg of potassium, 15 mg of iron, phosphorous, magnesium.
• Vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. It also contains vitamins C, D3 and P (bioflavonoids)
• Carotene – a precursor to vitamin A
• Potassium and Sodium
• Trace Minerals, such as iron and copper – for blood production; zinc – for strengthening the immune system; selenium – which prevents cell degeneration; boron and manganese – which helps in the production of sex hormones, muscle and bones

Some Test Results That Show the Positive Effects of Maca on Stamina and Energy
There are already hundreds of studies and tests completed on maca establishing its ability to increase energy and stamina. Here are some of them.

1) In a test involving albino mice conducted by Rojas P. Macarlupu and others, the results shows a significant increase of energetic performance of mice supplemented with glucosinolate-enriched extracts compared to a control group that was not given the supplement. This study is an additional evidence of the energetic capability of Maca.
2) In a clinical trial done by Miura T. Hayashi and others on the antihypoglycemic effect of maca in fasted and insulin-induced hypoglemic mice, the results indicated that the hypoglycemic effect of Maca may promote glyconeogenesis. They concluded that maca can be useful for the treatment of energy supply on hypoglycemic conditions.
3) A study on the capability of maca to induce vigor in mice conducted by Salas, C.A. showed a significant increase of energetic performance in oxygen consumption as well as an increase in resistance on swimming time in mice.
4) A double blind placebo controlled study on the effects of maca on physical-energetic performance in humans conducted by Gayoso, O and others showed an improvement in the physical yield of healthy adults who took a daily dose of maca supplements. There was an increase in the distance range in the six minute walking test done by the test subjects.

From these tests, it can be easily seen that maca can really affect the energy and stamina of an individual in a positive way.

How Much Maca Should You Take?
Experts in this field recommend a starting dose of 1 – 3 teaspoons per day. This dosage will depend on your body size and the type of maca supplement you are taking. You can take it together with your meals. If everything goes well, you can expect some result within a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

Positive Changes You Can Expect
Expect great results when you start a daily supplementation of maca. People who have done so have reported increased energy and stamina levels, increased brain function, as well as increased ability to function under stress. Menopausal women have reported a decrease in PMS symptoms. Men have reported an improvement in their sexual function. An overall health improvement and increased immunity to disease are the general experience of those who are long term users of maca. 

Are There Adverse Side Effects of Maca?
Maca is an all natural substance that does not contain any synthetic chemical therefore there are no known side effects. However, people who have used it in excess have reported sleeplessness, increased heart rate and hyper-activity. These effects will subside as the excess amounts of this substance are flushed out of your system. Therefore it is wise to stick to safe doses and not go over the maximum recommended dose of 5 teaspoons. It would also help if you take a break from maca for a short while now and again so that your system can adjust.


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