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Can Maca Help You Conceive?

Those who have just recently learned about the potential of maca in increasing fertility naturally would like to know if maca can really help them conceive. What better way to prove this than a personal testimony of how maca helped a person achieve conception.

A working nurse had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years without success. When her doctor recommended her to drink Royal Maca tea, in two months she got pregnant and eventually gave birth to her first baby. In March of 2009, she was due for her second baby, also through the help of maca.

This is not an isolated case because another woman was also trying to get pregnant for six months with no success. She was introduced to the uses of maca for fertility through a health website and began taking it in powder form mixing it with her smoothies. She immediately felt positive changes in her body, with improved stamina and libido. After some time, when she went for a boob job, she was first examined as a protocol before the operation. The doctor said she couldn’t undergo any operation because she is pregnant. Maca can really help you conceive, as these two examples show. And they are not the only ones.

What Makes Maca Effective For Fertility
Maca is a root plant that grows in the high Andean Mountains of Peru and Bolivia. Unknown to the outside world, the ancient Incas were already using the maca root plant for food, medicine and in enhancing their sexual functions. It was only at the time of the Spanish conquest that the West got a glimpse of what maca can do in treating health problems and improving sexual functions. Maca is the only plant that grows in the inhospitable climate of the Andes Mountain. Experts believe that the extreme weather conditions plus the quality of minerals in this place are the reasons why maca contains its many effective nutrients.

Maca has many minerals such as zinc, copper,  iron, calcium, sodium, iodine, magnesium, potassium and many others. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E. Maca also contains high quality proteins and fibers such as lysine, aspartic acid, serine, etc. All these vital nutrients contribute to make maca effective for food and medicine. Maca is really considered a food and not as a medicine although it has many medicinal benefits.

How Maca Increases Fertility In Men
There are several ways in which maca can increase men’s fertility chances. Here are some of them.

• Many studies have already shown that men taking maca regularly have their sperm counts increased.
• The studies also showed that the viability or motility of the sperms was also enhanced.
• Taking maca regularly also showed that the libido and staying power of men increased.
• Regular maca dosages also resulted in attaining an overall improvement in physical as well as mental health.
How Maca Increases Fertility In Women
The effects of maca dosages in women also showed the same positive results. Below are some of its beneficial effects on women.
• Maca will bring about the hormonal balance in women which is very important in the production of the female egg. Maca does not really produce hormones but acting as an adaptogen, it will induce women’s glands to produce the right amounts of hormones that they particularly lack.
• When hormonal balance is achieved, general improvement of health will result, which is important in conception.
• Regular dosage of maca also increases the libido in women. With this increase in sexual desire, the chances of conception will increase.

It Is Safe To Take Maca
Maca is your quick and safest way to achieve conception. It was tested as a fertility plant by Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici and published her findings in 1961. This maca root plant has been studied since for safety and effectiveness for both men and women who have difficulty in conceiving. Many of these couples were happy that after a few months of taking maca, they happily reported successful pregnancies. Maca is a food and not a medicine although it definitely has great medicinal values. You can safely take in the right dosages without any adverse side effects.

How Much Do You Need To Take?
The recommended dosage of maca for fertility, according to some experts is 2,000 to 3,000 mg per day. You have to take maca daily until conception takes place. After that, you can return to your normal or regular dosage per day.


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